Altar to Self-Love

Altar to Self-Love

Love is in the air with Valentine's day right around the corner. But when was the last time you took time out for a little self-love? We're talking about the physical manifestation of the love you have for yourself and is expressed through items that represent who you are and what you want in life. You can create this space with an altar to self-love, where you can practice self-love on a daily basis.

Choose a space that inspires you. You can use an altar you already have setup or create a new one just for this purpose. Make sure it's clean, quiet and free of outside distractions. If you want to keep this altar private from visitors, choose a spot where it can be concealed or where only you go. 

Fill your space with items that are meaningful. Think about the things that make you feel at peace or loved and honored. This is where you are going to go to instill positive energy into yourself so you recognize your self-worth. You can also go here to reflect, relax and feel good. 

Here are some ideas:

Altar cloth: in shades of red or pink

Mirror: a reminder to appreciate and admire what you see, the person looking back is all that matters

Photograph: a picture of yourself when you are happy and felt full of love, it should bring you immense joy when you look at it

Love Letter: tell yourself all the things you love about yourself, or include a letter written to you by a special person

Candles: candles represent energy and can help you relax, meditate or create a deeper connection with yourself. Make it a scented candle for a little something extra!

Incense: something that appeals to your senses and makes you feel good smelling it. (my favorite is vanilla or sugar cookies)

Crystals: like candles these help shift energies. Some good choices are rose quartz, carnelian, red jasper, moonstone and clear quartz

Deities: choose your favorite deity or one that represents self-love. Some Goddess' of love and beauty are Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor, Radha or Ishtar

Altars to self-love are sacred spaces where you go to connect with yourself. Make sure to choose items that are meaningful, and try to spend a few moments there every day.

Blessed Be.


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