Spring Equinox - A Time of Renewal

Spring Equinox - A Time of Renewal

The Spring or Vernal equinox is a time of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. The coldness of winter slowly gives way to the warmer months of spring and with it worldly and personal renewal. This can be very appealing to many people, and if you are looking to welcome spring with some tips or rituals look no more! We have traversed the web and found several for you to add to your list this year.

Plant Seeds

Literally and figuratively. Now's a great time to "plant seeds" of intention, for things you hope to harvest in the future. And in the literal sense since it is the start of the growing season, get yourself outside. Not only will you feel better after working directly with the Earth, but it's a great time to listen to your body. What foods are you craving? What flowers do you want to see blooming around you? What do you need to let go of? Pulling weeds is great for helping you "let go". (Out with old, in with the new ring any bells?)

Set Intentions

This is a prime time to set your intentions for the new year. What you hope to experience and achieve through your actions. This can be related to your work, personal life, dreams, thoughts, mindful practice, or anything else of your choosing. 

Get Moving

In winter you tend to be more sedentary...... hey we get it, it's cold out there! Spring is the perfect time to start moving more. The very first plants to start growing encourage movement. To help you jump start your spring movement practice walking, deep breathing, and gentle stretches to get your body used to the increased activity. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water through out the day as well. 

Tend to Your Soil

Spring tends to bring about a flurry of social activity and this can take a lot of energy out of you. (Especially you Empaths out there.) Grounding meditations and resting helps keep you from experiencing burnout. Engaging in short grounding meditations at the end of the day helps release any pent up energy and emotions from the day. This allows you to recognize the power of stillness and rest. Find a patch of dirt or grass in your backyard and allow yourself to listen to the sounds of the night around you. Practice this daily and you will find yourself becoming attuned to the Earth below you and the plants around you.

Spring Equinox Goddesses

Ostara: Germanic Goddess of Spring and the dawn

Astarte: Semite Goddess of War, Sexuality and fertility

Persephone: Greek, Queen of the Underworld. Goddess of Fertility.

Flora: Roman Goddess of Flowers and Love

Spring Colors

Robin's Egg Blue


Pastel Pink


Blood Orange

Green - all shades



Crystals and Gemstones


Tiger's Eye






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Blessed Be.


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