Welcome to the Ravens' Nest

The Crafty Ravens have become more than just 2. Over time we have added artisans to our little corner of the internet and to our markets: These people  embody what we want to offer to our customers: Handmade and Wild-Crafted items that help you on your path. That path may be of the healing sort, our specialty, or of the pagan nature. 

Our focus is helping trauma and abuse survivors heal through nature. We offer a safe space to talk and learn, providing some of the elements that help you tap into the earth's energy. We welcome all no matter the gender, nationality, race, or orientation. 

The blog posts will be focused on the things people ask the most about: Learning what the metaphysical and magical properties are of the things we sell. How do they work? How do you use them? What are the specific tools for specific needs? There also might be a story or 2 about things learned as we work down our own healing path. Every week we will highlight one crystal and one herb, telling you about how to identify, history, ethnobotany, properties whether medicinal or metaphysical, etc. 

We hope you enjoy reading and shopping of course!

Light and Love


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