Yule - Winter Solstice

Yule - Winter Solstice

Ok, I admit, I'm behind and haven't put up new information in a while. But as it tends to happen, life has been passing way quicker than we'd like. Our Mother Raven and page creator moved from Oregon to California over the summer, and the rest of the "murder" has just been plugging along trying to survive. 

We're now coming up on Yule, the festive winter holiday that starts on the winter solstice and runs for 12 days. (I hope my true love doesn't gift me 184 birds for the 12 days..... I don't have any where to put them!)  This festive time is for the celebration of the rebirth of the sun, and includes gifting, dancing and song. It is a time for new beginnings, rebirth, transformation, getting rid of unwanted habits and creativity. 

The winter solstice marks the halfway point of winter, this is when the Earth's axis is tilted the farthest from the Sun, creating the shortest day of the year. Originally it was celebrated by the Norse and Scandinavian people as a way to honor the sun. Depending on the source, these festivities could be three days or two months long! Modern Pagans usually hold the festivities on the day of the winter solstice, and it lasts an average of three days.

A lot of your traditional Christmas decor is based on the symbols of Yule: evergreen trees, Yule log, mistletoe, Yule tree, holly wreaths and bells. Each item having specific significance to the holiday, and used in rituals and homes to invoke the protection of the Gods and Goddess' during the cold months. Evergreens symbolize renewal, holly represents hope, mistletoe is the female element, the Yule log is for Thor and a symbol of honor and protection. 

You can use some or all of these items on your altar, or through out your home to invoke the spirit of Yule. Put holly over your front door to keep unwanted spirits out of your house, add mistletoe to help ward off lightning, thunder and evil spirits. The addition of the classic Yuletide colors of red, green, gold and silver can also be interspersed among the decorations. Each color representing an element of Yule from the Holly King to the moon. 

However you choose to celebrate Yule in your home - may it be festive and fruitful!



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