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Black Labradorite Cabochon

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Each stone is appx 18x25mm.  These come in 3 shapes. Oval, Rounded Rectangle, and Teardrop. They are all center drilled for ease in making them into an amulet to wear. There are options for us to create a wearable piece for you as well, should you wish to have more than just a stone. 

You can choose to have your stone made into an amulet/talisman in necklace form or as a clip-on for pockets and bags for an additional charge. 

These are amazing for altars as you meditate with your intentions, protecting you from any negative outside energy. It will help you stay focused. Place in the center to amplify the shield or due north to amplify intentions.

Metaphysical Info:

Black Labradorite is a powerful protection and magic stone. It creates a barrier and shield to help us focus and keep undesirable energies from our lives. It protects against the negative but radiates the positive, helping us to see our world in a more positive light. It helps heal inner wounds from trauma and encourages emotional healing and growth, especially in women. It strengthens the magical energies within. It shields us from bad energy and strengthens our emotional and spiritual life. Mystically, it sharpens psychic abilities and helps with deep meditation. It provides an ease of movement between worlds when traveling, providing a grounding space to come home to. 

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