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Dragon's Blood Jasper Coin

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These small circular pieces measure approximately 20mm or the size of a quarter. They are designed with a hole in the center, making them perfect for use as pendants or wire-wrapped jewelry. 

We are pleased to offer you the option of turning them into wearable amulets or talismans, either by incorporating them into a necklace with a chain or leather strap, or by attaching them to a clip-on keyring which can be easily clipped onto a belt loop or bag. This ensures that those who are not comfortable wearing things around their neck can still enjoy these items.

Metaphysical Info:

Dragons Blood Jasper encourages creativity in one's life. It provides strength, courage, and purpose to help face difficulties and heal repressed emotional issues. It is great for personal growth and helps persevere through challenges along the way to big life goals.

Originating in South Africa and Australia, legends say that they were created from the dragons of the past. Red is the Blood, green is the skin.

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