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Green Serpentine Oval Medium

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Pick which stone calls to you. Each has a unique pattern. They are 18x24mm or appx 1" x 3/4". 

***We will be happy to make your chosen stone into an amulet/talisman either as a necklace or if you don't like anything around your neck, a clip-on ring that is great for belt loops or bags.***

Metaphysical Info:

Serpentine is a stone that acts as a driving force to alter our current life path through the aid in releasing useless emotions, calming the spirit, and releasing the fear of change. It soothes the emotional body and helps connect with the heart and mind of nature itself. It will protect your well-being and creates an energy shield to feel guarded and safe from psychic attacks, giving you the freedom to glow and bloom. It clears blocked energies in the chakra and is used for Kundalini activation.

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Stone Only or Amulet/Talisman?


Serpentine, leather і copper


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