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This tea has herbs that may help with indigestion, celiac contamination, or IBS. 

Testimony: "Within a few doses over 6 hrs, I went from being unable to move from contamination pain in my intestines to dancing around in the kitchen making cookies. " ~Ryn

*More information is available through chat or at our store.*

Tea comes in tubes that have 8 servings and tea bags that are single serve. 

***Legal stuff***

***Herbal usage has not been approved by the FDA and the medicinal properties are still being tested and researched. The only proof of medicinal value is in the documentation of those who have used it for the last 500 years. ***

All herbs are wild foraged in the PNW or organically grown with 0 chemicals. Herbal remedies are not to replace medical care from a doctor. Seek medical treatment from a professional prior to starting any herbal regimen. 




Cramp Bark, Mahonia, Gaultheria, Burdock Root, Fennel, Ginger і Mint


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