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Make Your Own Spell Jar Kit

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Have you seen the pre-made spell jars many shops have available? We have something better that allows you to put your OWN energy into the jar with your specific intention.

Our kit allows you to create your own spell, wish, or intention jar to help manifest what you want or need in your life. Choose from the list of commonly sought-after manifestations, and we will send you an array of herbs, crystals, and oils for you to choose from to make your jar. You do not have to use all of what we send and we provide instructions for the process, teaching you how to use your intuition to select crystals, herbs, and oils to create a spell or wish that is specific to you. You also get to choose the candle colors for sealing and if you choose the smaller size, a hemp cord to hang it with. 

We offer 2 sizes:

*A necklace with a small 10 ml (2"x.75" corked bottle) with an adjustable hemp cord, OR

*A larger 2 oz glass jar for sitting near a door or window, on a shelf of an altar, etc. 


Intention 1 (included)


Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, Hemp, Cork і Wax


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