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Ocean Jasper Teardrops

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Choose which one calls to you. Each stone is unique. They are appx 1 1/4" x 3/4" or 22x30mm. They are easily made into a pendant to wear. 

You can choose the stone alone or have us make it into a talisman/amulet for you to wear: A necklace or a clip-on for belt loops, bags etc. 

Metaphysical Info: 

Ocean Jasper is a stone of strength and renewal. It has a slow, steady frequency that encourages patience, coping with change, and inducing tranquility. It helps with a gentle and gradual release of pent-up anger and clears emotional blockages. It will bring to the surface any long-hidden or unresolved emotional issues and help gently heal them. Ocean Jasper inspires patience, self-love, and empathy for others. 

Ocean Jasper is considered a "Fresh Start" Crystal. It will help balance and align all chakras but specifically stabilize the base chakra. 

In meditation, it is used as a focus tool to assist in finding the center of self and aligning "all that is". It allows travel and insight into past lives to retrieve wisdom and spiritual lessons. 

It honors Electra the Greek Goddess of the sea and Storm Clouds. 


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