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Tremolite Tower

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4-4.25" x 1" square base

Tremolite, originating from Tanzania, is an uplifting crystal. It has a high frequency that provides brightness, clarity, and balance. It is highly empowering, giving you a sense of strength and physical presence. Tremolite is not a happiness crystal, but can aid with alleviating depression and sadness. It is connected to the heart chakra and crown chakra, opening us to love and compassion. Tremolite is a self-love crystal, guiding us to release deep emotional wounds and reestablishing a true connection within ourselves.  Working with tremolite outdoors is best, to bring a stronger connection to mother earth and her healing energies, especially during dusk or dawn. Tremolite is a Zodiac stone for Gemini, Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio.





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