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Wholesale - 25 Goddess Necklace Assortment

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Assortment of 25 goddess necklaces.

Qty discounts are based on the amount purchased. Other amounts are available at a higher price. 

Specific assortment types are available, contact us with any specifics.

Ceramic pendants are made by a local artist in Eugene, Oregon. We purchase from a small business that hosts her work and create the necklaces on a hemp cord. The necklaces are made to be adjustable so that they will sit where it is comfortable, up to 22". The ends have small wood or metal beads. 

Option for a premium necklace which includes a gemstone bead on the necklace as well. 

If you are reselling, please add what type of packaging you would like. They come with a 5x7 backing ready to hang, or without. 

Promotional/Informational materials are available. You can choose a 5x7 or 8x10 info card about the goddesses, the artist, and our business, a booklet with the artist's statement on some of the icons, or a researched booklet of most of the icons and their cultural goddess representations. The researched booklet has an additional charge. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as these are handmade and take time :-)

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