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Herb - Hawthorn Berry

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Our Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus monogyna) is wild-foraged and can be used in tea for a boost of health benefits. Its benefits include improved cardiovascular health and increased energy. It can also be used for magic or rituals in addition to its medicinal properties.

***We have to tell you that the government does not condone the use of herbs as medicine (not FDA-approved). Use your judgment on what is best for your health. History and science have shown the benefits of herbal use. Speak to your doctor if you have health conditions or are using any herb with prescription medication as there are sometimes contradictions***

Medicinal: heart health, hypertension, cholesterol, anti-oxidant (liver and brain), anti-microbial, gastric health.

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Magical: Tenacity, strength, self-discipline, persistence, determination, courage, perseverance, purpose, and patience

  • Associations: Root Chakra, Cancer, 2nd Mansion of the Moon, Water, 
  • Hawthorn shows you the truth of your heart when used in divination
  • Hawthorn can help to open the heart. 
  • Use in meditation practices to help restore spiritual and emotional balance. 
  • Use it in an amulet to protect you from spirits and harmful magic. 
  • Place hawthorn around the doors and windows when astral projecting to keep from interruption.


During the spring in festivals in England, large boughs of Hawthorn were cut and placed outside on the grounds outside of houses as bringing them inside was said to bring death and illness. Hawthorn marks the entrance to the otherworld and is sacred to the fairies. You must first ask permission before taking the blooms or sprigs and leave an offering if you plan on cutting the entire tree down. Planting hawthorn around other trees of your home will keep out unfriendly spirits and the wood of the hawthorn is said to be essential to kill vampires. 

Sizing info: All of our herbs are sold by the teaspoon, in a decorative bottle, or a small 2x3 baggie. We do not sell by grams or oz as weight varies based on density (ie roots weigh more than dried herb does) and we want to ensure you know EXACTLY the amount you are getting. A teaspoon is all you need for a single cup of tea. Most magic users do not want or need a large quantity for a single spell or ritual, which is why we offer small teaspoon-sized quantities. If you need bulk pricing, please feel free to reach out and we can work with you. 



Hawthorn Berry


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