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Shepherd's Purse Tincture - 2oz Bottle

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***All of our 2 oz bottles come with a dropper for ease of use.***

Shepherds purse is one those weeds that's small and insignificant, but has so many good qualities in the herbalism world. It acts as an anti coagulent and may help with the GI tract and uterus. It is also known as an anti-inflammatory and good antioxidant.  

We forage this little weed in the PNW in places that are free from air and ground pollutants. 


*Informational verbiage given on herbs is to make the website gods happy.  Please feel free to message us with any questions.*


***legal stuff***

Tinctures are considered a home remedy and should not be used in place of medical care. If you are sick, please see a doctor for a diagnosis before starting any medicinal treatment. There may be adverse reactions to using herbal tinctures in conjunction with pharmaceuticals. Please talk to your pharmacist about any contradictions. (I say pharmacists because they have the drug knowledge and not the bias of being paid to push prescriptions). Our tinctures are made with gluten-free alcohol that is 40% by volume. Do not take any more than the suggested dosage and frequency. Discontinue use if adverse effects. This is not meant to replace medical care. All herbal usage has not beena proved by the FDA and the medicinal properties are still being tested and researched. The only proof of medicinal value is in the documentation of those who have used it for the past 300 years. 



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