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Unakite Mini Sphere

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Unakite is a healing crystal of the heart and mind. The green is nurturing and the pink, passion. It helps balance the emotional body with the frequency of love, compassion, and kindness. It helps release deep-seated emotions and supports anyone feeling lost or overwhelmed. Unakite fosters healthy relationships through balanced emotions. Unakite has a slow, steady vibration for healing and renewal, getting to the root cause of repressed trauma and bringing it to the surface gently, allowing a slow release along with the behaviors associated with it. Unakite is a crystal of growth, a powerful conduit to the earth’s life force. Meditate with it to release pain and anger, to ground and center.

It honors Gaia, Bona Dea, Callista, and Chirakan.

Mini spheres are 1" in diameter.

Stands are sold separately. 




Unakite and Wood


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