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Velvet Cloak with Satin Lining

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Elegance and beauty, ethereal and magical. Velvet capes are the epitome of beauty and make the most amazing addition to any costume or cosplay. These are amazing whether you are one of the Fellowship,  in the French or English court, a debutant in their first season, an aristocrat who doesn't care about society's rules, or you just want a cloak because they are cool.  They flow like water and are sure to catch the eye of many an admirer. A deep hood allows for being mysterious, shy, anxious, or a bit like the Countess D'Winter. 

2 types of velvet are available to accommodate any budget; True Velvet and Stretch Crushed Velvet. The stretch is much more cost-effective and best for use as just a costume piece when you are on a budget, as it does not look like real Velvet. True Velvet adds sophistication and authenticity to your costume that is sure to be noticed. 

Lining options are Duponi silk and satin. Silk is not as shiny but stunning in its own right. Satin is shinier and has more color options. 

We offer 3 lengths; Half cape to the waist, mid-length to the calf, and full length to the ankles or beyond. 

The cloak pictured is true velvet with a silk lining and is full-length. The cost of materials was $400. (10 years ago)


The full Price is as follows: Prices on real velvet may be higher depending on color. 

Velvet/Satin Full Length - $550       

Velvet/Satin Mid - $450                   

Velvet/Satin Short - $350                            


You will be invoiced for the remaining amount and can choose to make payments through Shop Pay or pay in full. Optional payment methods are available on a case-by-case basis. Once construction begins the deposit is non-refundable. If you are making payments to me directly, you will not receive your cloak until paid in full. 


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