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Wool Cloak with Cotton Flannel Lining

Our cloaks with hoods are made with 100% wool and a soft cotton flannel lining. Not itchy, very warm, and water-resistant. They are heavy and are great for Ren Faires, cosplay, covens, or general use. (We wear ours as winter jackets) Cloaks come with a standard single frog clasp. There are MANY options for cloak clasps, including metal filigrees and pins. We are happy to add whatever clasp you find to your cloak in place of the frog. 

The heavyweight of our cloaks (appx 8 lbs) act as a light-weighted blanket and are great for those with social anxiety in public spaces. Paired with headphones, they make a perfect errand-running tool. 

Our cloaks come with armholes on the sides for ease of movement, but if you get cold, you can pull your arms in and be warm. They are essentially a giant, warm, waterproof security blanket that looks cool. 

All materials, including thread, are 100% natural materials—no polyester or synthetics. 


How to order:

The price you are paying is the deposit only (except for the short one). The rest will be invoiced to you after all customizations, etc are discussed. You will have the option to use an installment service (no credit check) to pay for your cloak. PayPal also has this option. If for some reason you choose to not move forward, as long as no materials have been purchased, you will receive a full refund. 

Cloaks are made to order. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability, and we will contact you with any questions. You will need to take measurements across your shoulders at the widest point and from the base of your neck, straight down your spine to the waist, knees, or ankles, depending on the desired length. 

Cloaks come in 3 lengths:

  • Short (to the waist) - $150 base price
  • Mid Length (to the knees) - $300 base price
  • Full Length (to the ankles) - $450 base price

Please choose your length when filling out the form. 

Tell us what colors you would like. Keep in mind that color availability changes from month to month. We will do our best to accommodate what you are looking for and send pictures of colors before we order. We will let you know if your selections are unavailable or if we will be hand-dying the wool to get the correct color. 

If there are any customizations you would like, please let us know. We can customize your cloak with runes, embroidery, beadwork(weddings, etc), trim, fur, split colors, or whatever you have in mind. There will be an additional cost to do this depending on what you want. Alternatively, if you choose to not have a hood, there will be a reduction in cost. 

We work with you to get exactly what you want. The cloaks in the pictures are samples of what we have done, each is fit for the individual. 

General Info:

  • Hoods can be optional. The cloaks are automatically made with a deep hood unless you request otherwise. 
  • Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. We order the wool from Tennessee and it takes about a week to get here. We do not keep it on hand because of the cost and the number of colors.
  • Custom cloaks, like the green and black, are available but will have an additional cost for labor (matching sections takes time). Also, any extra details will have an additional cost depending on the customization. 
  • Why do they cost so much? We choose only high-quality materials so your cloak will last many years (my first one is nearly 20 years old). There are appx $150 to $200 in materials. From cutting to finish takes around 20 hrs of work. 20 hrs x $15/hr (minimum wage here) is $300 plus the cost of materials =$450. We are not marking up the materials, you are paying the cost only. We have shop pay where you can make payments. We are also willing to work with you on payments if you choose not to use Shop Pay, but just be aware that we will not send you the finished item until it is 100% paid for. The deposit is $150 so we are able to purchase materials. If you choose to not finish payments or back out for any reason during the process, you will forfeit whatever has been paid. Refunds are only available before construction begins. 


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Care information

Wool can be washed on COLD with a mild detergent. Hang to dry. Dry cleaning is recommended, but washing is ok. Just DO NOT dry it in the dryer.